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Monday, 5 February 2018


Invest BSS Coin in Bitstrades lending platform from the Bitstrades website. This investment will involves profiting from Bitstrades trading volatility software.
One of the ways in which Bitstrades investors can grow money rapidly.

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How to get started with Bitstrades  Lending Platform?

This is a safe, transparent system based on a supply and demand model that provides financial freedom and stable income. Join the new era of revolution in the cryptoanalysts and remain independent of conventional banking methods!

You are going to buy Bitcoin in one place and then move it to the Bitstrades  platform to get the currency offered by this platform in exchange for Bitcoin, which you bought from another source.

There are 4 steps to getting started with Bitstrade Lending Platform

  1. Purchase BitstradesCoin From Exchange.

First of all, you need to buy Bitstradescoin(BSS) first from BSS Exchange using Bitcoins. After making deposit of bitcoin to exchange, you will see an unconfirmed status that will be fully acknowledged and will be available to trade with 3 Bitcoin network confirmation. This may take up to 30 minutes or longer, based solely on the network. Once you have confirmed your status, you can take further steps on the investment.
  1. Buy BitstradesCoin  from BSS Exchange.

After a successful transaction, a digital portfolio appears, which is the initial and crucial phase of such a transaction. Just buy BitstradesCoin  from BSS Exchange and you're ready to invest your digital currency. Keep in mind that if your bid is below the seller's price, your BitCoins will be credited to your escrow account until the transaction is successful. Since the platform is open source, you can easily evaluate and verify your balance and other details.
  1. Lend Your BitstradesCoin in Lending Platform

Now simply transfer BitstradesCoin to Lending Platform.
In this way, both investors and the transactional medium gain.
  1. Earn daily interest by Software Variability

The software that calculates the interest rate invested on a daily basis. Lend BSS Coins on the Bitstrades  Lending platform exclusively from the Bitstrades   dashboard, and this investment will benefit from the Bitstrades Lending software.
At the end of the investment period, you will receive your capital back to the Bitstrades Dashboard,  optionally re-invest in a platform to continue to receive a daily profit.
It is not necessary to Purchase BitstradesCoin for investing in the Lending platform.
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