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Friday, 16 February 2018

Build your career, earn more profits and benefits under the bonus program of Resonance Capital Group LP


Finance Company Resonance Capital Group LP has developed for its customers a range of optimal investment solutions, which allow to invest for medium and long term in order to maximize their profits. As a financial instrument, we use the shares of undervalued companies – Penny Stocks, trading them on US stock exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) and in OTC markets.
With extensive experience in the financial market, we can confidently offer you a reliable way to invest in Resonance Capital Group LP, which will enable you not only to receive a guaranteed weekly income, but also to be master of your personal time until your finances work.
The main objective of the company is an increase in working capital under management by involving a wide range of investors. By controlling not only our capital, but also by bringing investment from outside, we significantly increase our total profit, out of which we pay interest to our investors.


Since its inception, Resonance Capital Group LP aims to create a fair, stable and secure partnership with all its clients.
Employees of the company are professional traders who have a practical experience in Penny Stocks trading and the ability to solve the complex problems faced by the majority of traders in their work.
We know the customer's needs, therefore we feel it our duty to provide reliable, transparent and comfortable conditions for investment: these are the strengths of Resonance Capital Group LP, which attract our customers.
We know that we are capable of much more than just compete with any company, therefore in the next 3 years we plan to become one of the leading financial companies in the world, providing our clients with phenomenal opportunities to earn money with us.


Real Company , Real Business

When you signup then Get free 5 $ Bonus

    if  you invest first 50$ then you Get free 10$ Bonus

and if you invest 150$ you Get  free 30$ Bonus


up to 20% of profits from the sales in your downline structure;

3%-2%-1% of passive income from the investors’ profits in your downline;

from $1,000 to $30,000 of bonuses for active business promotion;

luxury cars: Jaguar F-Pace, Porsche Panamera Turbo, Lamborghini Aventador;

luxury apartments anywhere in the world worth from $500,000 to $1,000,000.   

Car Bonus
Durable and comfortable, luxurious and memorable English SUV Jaguar F-Pace (or a cash bonus of $50,000)
Housing Bonus
Luxury apartments anywhere in the world worth up to $1,000,000 (without the possibility to receive the bonus in cash)


  • You
    Each your personal sale will bring you 100% of the required sales volume;
  • 1
    Each sale of 1st level agents in your structure will bring you 50%;
  • 2
    Each sale of 2nd level agents in your structure will bring you 35%;
  • 3
    Each sale of 3rd level agents in your structure will bring you 25%;
  • 4
    Each sale of 4th level agents in your structure will bring you 20%;
  • 5
    Each sale of 5th level agents in your structure will bring you 15%;
  • 6
    Each sale of 6th level agents in your structure will bring you 10%;
  • 7
    Each sale of any agents from the 7th to the infinite level in your structure will bring you 5%.
For example, if you are in the rank of Manager with the total sales of $17,000 and your 2nd level agent has sold a GOLD portfolio of $2,500, you will be accrued 35% ($875) against the sales volume required to move to the rank of Top Manager ($20,000).
I.e. now, with the total sales of $17,875, to reach the rank of Top Manager, discover Structural Bonus, increase the rate of remuneration on Classic Bonus and get Premium Bonus of $1,000, you together with your structure need to effect sales for $2,125.


7 agents in the rank
of Consu 

  • Your personal sales: $4,600 / 9% = $414
  • sales of the agents in the rank of Consultant: $7,200 / 6% = $432
  • sales of the agents in the rank of Manager: $38,900 / 4% = $1,556
  • sales of the agents in the rank of Top Manager: $24,600 / 2% = $492
Total Profit: $2,894

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