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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

SHAPE YOUR FUTURE with Avalon Life ( provide daily payment to your wallet )

As An Avalon Life Customer...
Leave it all up to the professionals here at Avalon Life. Our specialists make sure that the service you purchased is the best for you every day. We are the first company that transforms alternative energy such as geothermal and solar power into "cryptocash" for your benefit. For a lifetime. you will continue receiving the service you bought.
We will provide daily payments to your wallet on time. With our price performance model, we are currently unbeatable in the global mining market. Simply select the desired performance model you want when you register and you are ready to go! Start mining Dash one minute after activation.

Mine your first Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, etc. 1 minute after activation.

Avalon life S.A. is committed to transparency and openness in accordance with the quality guidelines.

We are "real".
Avalon life S.A. is committed to transparency and openness in accordance with the quality guidelines. When you contact us, you will have an “Avalon agent” on the phone, not a call center from India. We are aware that TRUST can be won only through good work.
Customer affiliate system
Satisfied customers recommend us to others. As a thank-you gift, you will receive up to 5% of the transferred payment to your "Power account”, credited without any questions asked. You will also receive in your customer center a collection of links and banners you can use.

Lifetime mining
Many mining companies have contractual duration times of 1-3 years. We at Avalon Life do not see why a purchased service (Avalon Mining buys the hardware) should be limited in time if you have the chance to produce energy yourself for almost "nothing". Lifetime for us means that Avalon Life and the client enter into an agreement that mining will be operated as long as it is not a loss for the site. This can go on provided that we, in consultation with the clients, will change an algorithm for a more profitable one. But it can never be possible that we produce no services. For details, please refer to the general terms and conditions.

How can I become a customer?
Avalon Life has thousands of representative offices worldwide. Also this page is one of them. You can click on the button and instantly order your mining contract or fill out the contact form so that a representative office will get in contact with you. No client will be without a personal contact person. Get started today with mining.

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