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Sunday, 7 February 2016

How to Write SEO Friendly Post Title For More Website Traffic?

It is an important task for of all bloggers to make seo friendly post titles for their blog. Because, your site design, site appearance have no value if your blog posts cant’t bring enough visitors. How to make seo friendly post titlesSo to build a good blog site, you must have to create seo friendly blog posts. Only the seo friendly blog posts can get up your site position at top. Again, to make a seo friendly blog post, you have to complete some works like creating a seo friendly post title. A blog post seo score is depended highly on it’s post title. So, you should give much importance to your blog post title before creating the post.
Today, we will show you a great technique to make seo friendly post titles easily. It is very easy, but very workable and useful technique for all of us. We bloggers didn’t care to a long tail keyword making a post. But the time is changed, every search engine give the importance of long tail keyword in search result. So, your post title should contain the main keyword which will be long tail. Now, see the today’s tutorial with a great example.


Suppose, you want to make a post about ‘Tourist places in Bangladesh‘. Now your goal is to make a seo friendly post titles of about it first.  We of all us are familiar about Google search or other search engine. We see that when we search anything in search engine, some related search also display at the bottom of the search result pages. It can help us remarkably to make seo friendly post titles for our blog. Now follow the steps bellow-
1) Now write texts ‘Tourist places in Bangladesh’  in Google search box from your browser. Enter the search and wait for opening the search result page. You also see some related search terms during written the texts.
Great tricks to make seo friendly post titles
2) After opened the search result page, some related search terms will show at the bottom of the page. I searched ‘Tourist places in Bangladesh’  and got the following search terms.Create seo friendly post title
3) You can see that top 10attractionsfamoustraveling placesites to seeand more are the bold highlighted keywords about this search term. These words are highlighted, because these are more popular search-able words from others. So, now, you should create a main keyword from these keywords for your post title. Here searches related terms are long tail or not only a word but also a phrases. So to create seo friendly post titles, you must select a long tail keywords. When you will select a long tail keyword, your competitors will decrease.
4) Now, try to make a long tail keyword with these highlighted words. Suppose, you made a post title with the main long tail keyword like ‘Topattractive tourist place in Bangladesh to travel’. You can see that about of all top highlighted single keywords are present in title with a long tail main keyword.
5) You should also focus on your visitors attraction or choice. So make your blog post title attractive for visitors with good seo. But never crate a long post title, it is not good idea for seo. Keep it’s length with consideration limit. You can see a best seo with attraction to visitors post title example about on it bellow.
Make seo friendly post titles
Always mind that a seo friendly and good quality post is like the hundreds of poor seo quality post. So make your all blog post seo friendly and get more traffic in your blog. Then your blogging career will be smooth and pleasant.

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