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Sunday, 7 February 2016

How to submit blogger blog in Google webmaster tools

How to submitie blog in Google webmaster tools
Today we are here to describe an important issue for any site. We heard about webmaster tools in different blog as well as in online. There are many webmaster tools  like Google Webmaster tools, Bing webmaster tools, Yandex Webmaster tools etc. We actually don’t know what is about it. But as blogger or as a site owner it has a great importance for us. Now let us know about webmaster tools as well as Google webmaster tools.


Specially webmaster tool is a one type of tool of a search engine by which you can submit your website content to crawl or index. Google Webmaster Tools is also that type of tool. Now it is also known as Search Console. Here you can submit your blog content to crawl or index. By this tool you can monitor your site if the Google search engine crawl it. You can also see your traffic stats and search queries of your site from here. All stats of your site can be seen by this webmaster tools. So allow your blog content to Google search engine and increase your blog traffic more.


1) To add your blogger blog in Google webmaster at first go to the Google Search Console home page. If you are login here, you can see it’s home. Otherwise you have to login your Google account first. after you can see a window like bellow page for adding your property or website here. Just click on ‘Ad A Property‘ button to submit your website.
How to submit blogger in Google webmaster tools 1
2) Now, a pop up window will be opened and you have to input your website url here. Pick up your blog home page address here and tap ‘Continue‘ button.
How to submit blogger blog in Google webmaster tools 1
3) After you have to verify your ownership of the submitting blog that you have added. Until you finish this process your blog submitting in webmaster tools will not be accepted. So, choose ‘Alternate Methods‘ to verify your blog ownership easily.
How to submit blog in Google webmaster tools
4) As your blogger template is made by HTML code, so you should verify your blog ownership in webmaster tools by HTML Tag. So select ‘HTML Tag’ and copy the tag which you have provided. Now go to blogger dashboard and go – Template > Edit HTML and find [Ctrl + F] </head>. Now paste this HTML Tag above </head> and save your template. You should back up your blogger template before any editing of it. It is a good habit of a blogger.
How to submit blog in Google webmaster tools 1
5) When your Blogger template will be saved with this html tag. Then click on ‘Verify’ button. Then a congratulation message will be shown to you from the Google. Now you are done.
How to submit blogger blog in Google webmaster tools
Submitting a blog in webmaster tools of any search engine is a great work for SEO of a blog. If you haven’t submit your blogger blog in google webmaster tools than, submit your blog now. Because, then you may deprive of a huge amount of visitors from the Google search engine. After adding your site here, you need to submit your blogger sitemap also. That we will describe you in our next post. Just stay us.

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