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Monday, 1 February 2016


Social media is about getting noticed and searchable. So why not use it for promoting your blog? Creating a valuable content is a must but knowing how to promote your blog is equally important. You create new content every day and do everything that the experts tell you to do but you don’t see the results. How can social media bring you positive results?
The good news is that social networking sites give you the opportunity to attract huge traffic which requires maintaining a consistent presence in the social media.

So let’s look at how some of the most popular social media sites can help promoting your blog:

1. Facebook
Create a Facebook page where you can display your latest blog updates and get them to like them. You can have unlimited people following you on your business page which is not in the case of a personal page.
• To get users interested in your post embed a like and share button on your website.
• Use a Facebook comment plugin which gets the comments on your blog posted on their Facebook feed.
2. Twitter
• Get a Twitter background in your settings as that is what people see when they come to your Twitter page.
• Schedule Tweets using the Twitter Ads Manager to drive traffic promoting your blog posts.
• Leverage Twitter chats as they are public forums, so all the Tweets sent out during the conversation are easily searchable for other users.
3. Google+
• Google+ communities are not restrained to a certain level of expertise or experience in the subject matter and more diversified. These communities invite traffic of all levels and backgrounds.
• Create your Google+ page that contains your blog articles where you can earn comments on your posts. Google+ Local Pages can dramatically impact the chances of your website getting found in search.
4. Pinterest
• Pins can function similarly to a header image for your blog post so you can highlight your content through pins that are anchored in images.
• Create separate Pin Boards for commonly discussed topics on your blog.
5. LinkedIn
• Join different groups on LinkedIn and share your content in them.
• On the publishing platform, select a few blog posts to repurpose, and include links to your blog at the beginning and end of the copy.
6. Quora
• Establish an active presence on Internet forums such as Quora. You can find your target audience by subscribe to Quora topics relevant to your field.
• While posting in Quora answer the user’s question first, and offer a link to the blog as an example of further reading material.
7. Google Hangout
You can connect with the readers of your blog personally by hosting a Google Hangout. Choose a blog post that receives a lot of page views and social shares and invite your readers to discuss it in greater detail in real-time.
8. Youtube
YouTube boasts more than a billion unique visitors and billion hours of video watched monthly outranking all other social media site in terms of bounce rate. Create videos of your website and upload them. This is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog.
9. Add your blog link to social network profiles
Make your blog link visible on your social media profiles by updating your existing profiles to include a URL in a visible spot, such as the About Us section.
10. Social media campaigns
Create social media campaigns specifically for the blog, or including the blog as a necessary stage for your campaign. To craft a solid social media campaign you can integrate social communities, conversation and channel strategies.
You are going to decide what kind of content goes on the blog whether it’s short or long posts, image or video embedded posts. Your website can use the platform itself to launch a bulk of the campaigns.
The list goes on….You just need to start with these social media sites in the initial stage of your blog promotion. A strategic and regular use of these sites will definitely attract traffic to your blog.

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