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Monday, 1 February 2016


Targeted traffic makes money. Let’s all face it! To be more precise we need a highly targeted traffic, traffic that has some interest because a targeted traffic is likely to convert and earn. So the question is how can Stumbleupon help us find this targeted traffic?
Stumbleupon is one such social media bookmarking site that helps you stumble onto websites and posts customized to your profile. Although Stumbleupon does not enjoy the same users that Facebook and Twitter do, it is still regarded as a strong driving force amongst online marketers and SEO specialists. It’s a site that many people are not familiar of, but very powerful and effective in generating traffic.
how to get stumble upon

Who got popular with Stumbleupon?

The more votes you have, the higher your site appears within Stumbleupon. Here are some site pages that got popular using Stumbleupon.

How to get on Stumbleupon

Lets focus on how to get traffic from Stumbleupon. Stumbling means going from one page to other. You can get thousands of visitors in hours, the key is to get the votes. You got to create something worthy to share not just some old junk article. It works on viral content. Controversial and contrarian information work well. People can vote against you if your article is offensive or sick. So you have to be careful while choosing your area.
Aim for social appeal in your niche. Know their interests, problems and things they are looking for. Get you family, friends and marketers to stumble upon your site as well.
Never stumble upon your site yourself, get others to do it. Stumbleupon wants you to use it actively so you need to engage yourself to the site regularly. Get your site followed and follow other sites too. As the level of your engagement goes down, the traffic also goes down.

Things you must do on Stumbleupon

1.The best way to ensure a higher chances of being followed (or followed back) by another user is to create a great StumbleUpon profile.
2. If you want to increase your chances of your content getting stumbled, the best way to do so is to put Stumbleupon buttons or links to your site to make it easy for your visitors to stumble upon on your content or share your posts.
Stumble your likes
Stumble your likes
3.The headings you use should attract the audience. This draws attention for every social networking site.
4.Visit the trending topics to see the stuff trending on Stumbleupon. Make sure you share a variety of pages and posts. Use the list function in your profile so that users can follow your lists of interest.
trending topics on Stumbleupon
trending topics on Stumbleupon

my lists on Stumbleupon
my lists on Stumbleupon
5.Add appropriate topics like technology, education, writing, author, books, etc. so your post gets sent to people with those interests.
interests on stumbleupon
interests on stumbleupon
6.To attract an agent to your project you can add a synopsis or hook in the “Comment” box of the post.
7.The most important point to keep in mind is to keep your things authentic. Be genuine to your audience and your interactions which will eventually benefit your business venture.
8.StumbleUpon also has a Paid Discovery program, where you can pay to have your posts reach your targeted audience. It’s an advertising platform that delivers right traffic to your site, no clicking through ads or links.When you put yourself into the StumbleUpon discovery system, people interested in your topic will get directed straight to your site.

paid discovery stumbleupon for advertising
stumbleupon paid discovery for advertising

Here your content is your ad but the packages offered are a bit pricey (not really for the beginners!).
StumbleUpon Ads pricing plan
StumbleUpon Ads pricing plan

So you can use StumbleUpon for creating content for other social networking sites, pin different info-graphics, articles or videos relevant to your business.
Good luck Stumbling!!

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