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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Google AdSense Approval Trick – Get Approval in 3 Days

Google AdSense Approval Trick
Nowadays, the main problem that most of the newbie bloggers are facing is “Google Rejected My AdSense Request”. So today, TechLeaks is extending its Adsense Guide  and going to reveal quick Google AdSense Approval Trick. You will be able to receive your Google AdSense Approval email in just 3 days.
All newbie bloggers, remember, you can’t earn money by just creating a blog and putting content on it. You have to use some Monetization method with your content and AdSense is the best advertising method for bloggers. Mostly bloggers in Asian Countries like “Pakistan / India” try to make Google fool by filling their blogs with just spinned or low quality content. And after that they are always weeping saying “my AdSense application is declined”. Google is very cruel and Blah Blah.

When I started my blogging journey 5 years ago, there was no one to guide me. My AdSense application got rejected too in the start (because my blog was on Urdu poetry, and Urdu is not from AdSense Supported languages list). I learned a lot from different experiences with Google AdSense and moved towards professional blogging and learned many AdSense Approval Tricks.
Today, I am going to share with you 2 AdSense Approval tricks. You will be able to get your AdSense approved in just 3 days if you really follow this guide. The main purpose of sharing these tricks is just to help newbie bloggers to earn some livelihood who are still unable to approve their AdSense accounts.

Google AdSense Approval Trick:

Here are the steps you need to follow to get your AdSense approved within 3 days.
  • Open YouTube, and register your account there. Use your Gmail account to Sign Up for YouTube, but stop here, if you have already contacted AdSense team with same Gmail account, then don’t use that same email account to Login to YouTube. Signup for a new Gmail account and then use that account to login to YouTube.
  • Below your Channel “Status and Features” tab, Enable the “Monetization” option and don’t ever forget to read their Policies, otherwise you are going to kick your chance once again for the AdSense Approval.
Youtube Monetization
  • Now all you have to is to upload 3-4 videos (about 15 minutes) each. Use any onscreen recorder tool (i.e. Camtasia Onscreen Recorder) to make and upload about 3-4 good tutorials at least to your channel.
  • Now if the videos that you have uploaded have any worth, then let me assure you, with in two or three days, you will receive your AdSense Approval confirmation email by Google.
By this way, you have got your AdSense Code just for your YouTube. Remember, you can’t use the same YouTube AdSense code on your blog. That’s why, now it’s time to go ahead and work on your blog.

Now make sure, that your blog fulfils the following criteria.
  1. Your blog must be 6 months old. Although I have got AdSense verified on my micro-niche blogs in just 20 days after their launch with good On-Page SEO and Internal Linking.
  2. Your blog must have About Us, Privacy Policy page with all valid details. It’s good too if you use your photograph too on your About Us page. Remember, don’t use here someone else work or copyright image on these pages. Your image should be slightly bigger than passport size photograph.
  3. Carefully define and elaborate your website’s Privacy Policy and Comment Policy. Remember this should be accessible from all pages of your website. It’s a good practice to link these two pages either on the header or footer of your website. You can use a free excellent tool “Free Privacy Policy Generator” to grab your own Privacy Policy in seconds.
  4. Now don’t use someone else work or images on your blog at all. Use only those images that are not copyright work of someone else. And if you are still using someone else images, then give them proper credit.
  5. Make a Contact Us Page and check it whether it is working or not. And make sure that every user of website can use this page without any difficulty.
  6. Write about at least 30-50 good articles, 300+ words each (though it is not a hard and fast rule, I even got my AdSense approval with just 15-20 articles (having 600+ words each) with good On-Page SEO and internal linking). You can even rewrite someone else work in your own words, but never do copy and paste at all. And remember one thing,never use article spinners or Translated content from one language to another. If you are doing this, you are wrong. Because you yourself are making your chances of approval 0.00000001%.
  7. Also a recommendation from my side too. Always use a clean and elegant SEO friendly theme for your blog that loads fast.
  8. Now it’s the right time to apply for the AdSense Account. And believe me, Google will really love your site now. You will get your Google AdSense Approval email in just 2-3 days. 
That’s all, by following this simple Adsense approval trick, you can get a fully verified Adsense account. If you have any question to ask about Adsense approval, feel free to ask here in the comment

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