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Sunday, 7 February 2016

How to create post in blogger blog (with images)

Blogger is the largest free blog hosting platform in the world. They provide us the free hosting to make a blog free in their platform. As a beginner, you may face problem to create post in blogger.
How to make a new post in blogger blogThere are many tools in blogger post page those you should learn properly. To insert heading tag, to add images and video, insert read more tag, insert a link in the post page etc is the important part to make a blogger post. if you have no a blog or website, you can make a blog free by the help of our previous post. You must need to sign up Google account to create a free blog in blogger. Today we will show you how to create post in blogger blog. Just follow the bellow steps.



1) Enter post Title : To create post in blogger you have to input the post title first. Above the page you can see the post title box and input the post title there. Your post title should be relevant as your post content. Keep your post length in consider limitation of the search engine. You should keep your post title within 55 character. It is the ideal blog post length for all search engine.
How to make a new post in blogger blog
2 ) Starting post in post body : Bellow the tools bar you can see a large box. That is the post body where you have to insert your main content.  Just start writing of your first post.
a) Heading tag (h1, h2, h3)  : You may need to insert a heading tag to your post. It is so easy and it is very important setting for SEO. You can see a drop down menu on the above tools bar. From there just select your needed one. Select Heading, Subheading, Minor heading from the drop down menu.
b) Insert a link : You may also need to insert a link to your blog post. In tools bar, you should see a  tool named ‘ Link’. Just click on it and insert the link.
c) Add photo : To add photo, you have to click on a photo icon on the tools bar. Then you can see the options from where you embedded the photo.
d) Add videos : To add a video file, click on the video icon from the tools bar.
e) Read more tag : You can insert read more tag to summery the post in home page and archive page.
f) Select Align : You can align your content to right, left or center. Just decorate your post by this tool.
Here only the important tools have been described. You can make a great post by above tools.


1) Labels : It is just like the categories. By the labels you can keep your post in different categories. To add more labels separate the categories with coma (,). Then done it.
How to add labels in blogger post
2) Permalink : It is a important part for posting blogger post. Because, to make your blog post seo friendly, it is so important. You should choose ‘Custom permalink’ option to make better seo. Because, in ‘Automatic permalink’, the all words of your post title can’t add in post url. So, select ‘ Custom permalink ‘ and create seo friendly post url. Copy paste your post title here and separate the words with hyphen (-). Now done it.
How to edit permalink in blogger post
3) Location : Setting a location is also a important issue for SEO. Just, think where your post may hit, select that location and it is better for search engine. Type the location and search it and lastly done it.
How to add location in blogger post

Here the all important issues have been described, We are sure that you can create post easily now. Try to create post as seo friendly all time then your site will bet hit. We will describe the all features, tools, widget as well as the whole Google blogger in our next posts. Just stay us to enjoy the all post.

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