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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Make Money Online from Micro Freelancing Site (minijobz.com) - With Payment Proof

 Today I will share a make money online tricks. I remember that my first income get from (minijobz.com). Nowadays everybody tired to make money from online, but it is not easy.
There are so many freelancing sites of internet. Like 
oDesk.com, freelancer.com, elance.com. There are also Micro freelancing sites like- microworkers, and minijobz.com. 
Today I will discuss about (minijobz.com). Minijobz.com is trusted and paying micro freelancing site. You can make a good figure of money by doing simple work like as- data entry, signup, forum post, download & install, you tube like & comment, Facebook pages like etc.
So who is a are want to make real money from internet, I suggest (minijobz.com). Let's see details
  • Register to minijobz.com

First time you need an account to earn money from this site. To register follow the steps
  1. Click on this link minijobz.com. After click on this link, you can see a sign up form. Fill up this form by your email, name, password, country etc. and verify your email address. After verify, your registration is complete. 

  • How to work

After complete your registration, you are able to start work and make money. But who are new, they have a question how to work? Follow the steps
  1. Log in your account(using email, password)
  2. After login to your account you, can see a job list page like this {see screen shot}
    make money online
  3. Choose and click  your job- for example a sign up job. After click on a job, you can see a page (see screen shot)
    make money online
  4. Look there are a box with two part. No-1 what is expected from workers in this part there are given a link. Click on this link by an open a new tab. And complete the registration, using your another email, name password. After complete your registration, go to the second part proof requirements?. In this part put your email as a proof, give all the information which is required the proof requirement part. And click  submit job button. 
  5. Wait 2 or 3 days you got your payment. 

  • Payment method

When you earn $5, you can cash out your money by Payza or Paypal.Let's see my payza payment proof
make money online

  • Tips to earn more

  1. This site also support referral program. Click on referral button you get a referral link. Share your referral link  on Facebook, blog, forum posting and also direct tell about minijobz to your friends and family members. When you refer a new member, you receive 0.2 bonus. Your refer must be complete one successful job. Still, now my referral was 265. 
  2. Try to submit 5 jobs in a day. 
Note- I will never share any kind of fake content on my site. So if you got somethings helpful thing in this post, never forget to share in social media

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