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Saturday, 30 January 2016



Are you new to blogging? We are always told, if you want a good blog traffic you have to know how to promote your blog among sites having millions of visitors. Honestly promoting your blog is a challenge, it seems impossible to gather such a large traffic but if you know what to write and how to your target audience, you could get people who could become your fans and maybe even your customers.
There is no end to possibilities; there are no limits!
When you start blogging you need to keep your blogging unique and make sure that the process is daily. The key to success with a blog is to pick a traffic generation technique that best resonates with you.
So let’s take a look at the rules that are important for promoting your blog.

Your blog content

When you launch your blog, have an archive of 20-30 killer article ideas ready to go. Your blog should have great content that truly drives home the focus of your blog, attracts targeted audience and shows your true potential.
Create visual content by using original images. Your content should be organized and pleasant to read because people are too busy to read every single word of your content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You got to find out if anybody is actually searching for the thing you’re going to write about. That’s important because if you’re getting zero searches or 20 to 30 a month, it may not be a good idea to invest your time to write that piece of content.
  • For promoting your blog use can Google’s Keywords Tool for your keyword research. Google’s Keyword Tool helps you to search keywords and see how many people are searching for particular keywords and how competitive they are.However, you should never write solely for the purpose of highlighting a keyword. Always make sure you’re writing something that your potential customers will find valuable and will want to read.
  • Look in your Google Analytics to see how people are finding your blog now. If it is a particular post, you may want to write more on that topic. This can really help promoting your blog.
  • You can use search engine optimization tools like Semrush, BuzzSumo and AuthorityLabs for checking whether your website is optimized.
  • Add relevant keywords in your image “Alt” tags. Images can be searched for too.

Promoting your blog on social media

Take advantage of the connections that you built on your social media like Google Plus and Facebook and spread the news that you’ve started blogging.
  • Use ‘tell a friend’ or ‘share this’ buttons and search for people who have previously tweeted/shared posts covering similar topics
  • Use tools to look for important people in your industry/niche. Check their posts, add comments and become active in the community
  • Start participating in forums and blogs that are relevant to yours.
  • Submit your blog’s url to Technorati, Daypop, Popdex.
  • Share your posts on Google+ for additional search engine optimization perks.
  • Submit your site to famous social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg and Delicious.
  • Create videos promoting your blog and upload it on YouTube.
  • Pinterest offers a great platform to organize your blog content by theme. You can create separate Pin Boards for commonly discussed topics on your blog.
  • For promoting your blog on LinkedIn share content in relevant LinkedIn groups. Find LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your blog, and join the discussion.
  • Do a guest post about a topic that is similar to what you write about.

Link Building

Remember building link is a very essential part of search engine optimization. Keep your rich and useful because quality content attracts links.
  • Investigate competitor links.
  • Link to other posts within your site. This helps to build authority for your posts and keeps your readers on your blog longer.
  • Make it easy for visitors to add a link back to you for example you can provide html code to make it easy for them to link on your website.
  • Read other blogs and interact with the bloggers and get ideas that will help you to know what they might be doing and how you can do the same on your blog. This will help with creating links back and forth and you will be able to create a blogging network which will bring in more traffic to your blog.

Post comments for promoting your blog

  • Leave a comment, if you come across a blog you like. This way, others who read and are interested in your comment and click back to your website will read your articles.
  • More comments mean that your readers are actively engaged in what you convey. A good engagement between the readers and yourself creates a lively community that sustains readership and attracts more visitors to your blog.
  • Don’t make the comment look like a spam. People will delete your comment right away if it looks like you are trying to promote your blog.
Plan well, but don’t forget that in order to succeed, you have to work for it in the right direction. Stick to these rules and you will see the difference!!

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