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Saturday, 30 January 2016

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page in Few Simple Steps

First time people was use Facebook for community with their friend and family. Currently it is use for various purposes like business, advertising, social welfare etc. So a Facebook Page is so important to promote your business,website,organization. It is also build awareness for a cause, support for your band, advertise in a number of other ways.
A company, organization, or a website must need it to promote their product and services. So if you want to create a Facebook Fan Page follow the few simple steps.
  1. Log in to your Facebook account:-  To create a FB fan page, then you must need to login your account. After log in, then click Create page button. (See screen shot)
   2. Now you can see a page. There are 6 category, select one of them. Which is suitable to your website or blog.  Now put your (company, website, or organization) information. After putting all of information, then click getstarted button.   
select category
  3. Now the page has been created. Now set up your Page in 4 steps. The steps are  
1. About (tell people what your page is about) 
2.Profile picture (upload a profile picture from your computer) 
3. Add to favorites (add your page to your favorites to easily access it anytime) 
4. Reach more people (invite your friend to like your page from your Facebook friend list. And advertise on Facebook to rise awareness about your page)  
set up your fan page

We have done to create a Facebook fan page. Now set up a cover picture and share anythings whatever you want.

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