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Sunday, 31 January 2016


What is the value in blogging for business? Shouldn’t the opinions and information about a business be hosted on a carefully controlled website? Well the answer is yes, your ideas about a business should be hosted on a website. Blogs serve as a platform to communicate a different type of opinions and information

.The explosive popularity and growth of blogs have made sharing thoughts and ideas easier than ever before. The blogging tools and platforms removed the requirements to understand web servers and programming languages to publish content on the web and serve as intermediaries between people and the web. Once people were able to share their thoughts and ideas freely, others took these ideas and shared them with their group of friends and so on. The reason why people were so eager to share this content was because it was a different type of content from what regular old websites provided. Blogs were full of tips and tricks, ideas, concepts, debates and creativity. And that’s the type of content people love of the web not only want but also want to share. For business, this distinction can be hard to grasp but once it’s properly understood and implemented, it could be an invaluable asset for marketing brand awareness and interaction with existing and potential customers.
The key to great blogging is to share valuable insight and information with the world that can come in the form of tutorials articles, opinion, questions, and answers, the list goes on. If a blog does this and does it well, you can easily become a trusted source of information for both your customers and for search engines. Everything on the internet is linked together and by understanding and tapping into this integration, a good blogging strategy can have a positive impact on the business website as a whole. For a business, the point of a blog is to share valuable insights and information not only about its own products but also about the general business landscape. This will return in higher trust and share factor among the web using public which in turn means higher search rankings on search engines for the blog and for the website. The end result is better brand awareness. The website, the blog and social media platforms join together to form the face of the business online and a blog is what ties it together.

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