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Sunday, 31 January 2016


How to figure out which program is the best for your online money making strategies?
AdSense is a program run by Google, the big search engine. It’s the main way how Google makes money actually and then helps you install those little texts as you see all over web sites across the internet.  Ads are reviewed to ensure they’re high quality and relevant to your content or audience, even when viewed on smartphones and tablets.
Affiliate marketing is a little more customized. You can pick products that you like and then essentially recommend them to your audience, specifically targeting their needs and interests of your business. In that case, you get paid on what you call a CPA basis,cost per action. This means that a person has not to just click on the Ad but has to go through and complete an action which could be giving an email address, to create a lead for the advertiser or maybe actually going all the way through to making a purchase. The bounties on these are a lot higher than on the pay-per-click ads that you might get from AdSense and you can get affiliate commissions from few dollars to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per action per sale from an affiliate marketing transaction.

So what would you do with this information if you want to monetize your blog?
Here’s the bottom line – both have their pros and cons.

Google AdSense


AdSense is really easy to employ which is one of the best things. It’s a fairly simple tool, you can sign up for a free Google AdSense account using your email address. It’s free. You could take a little bit HTML code and put on your site and ads will automatically pop on up on your site. You don’t have to do anything in terms of sales or negotiating back and forth, proving what kind of traffic you have to advertisers, writing out insertion orders, tracking traffic or trying to collect money they owe you. AdSense ads are very fast to implement and also has lots of varied inventory and that makes it interesting for visitors.


Now there are a lot of cons about AdSense as well. These ads don’t pay you very well, maybe a nickel or a dollar. You might even face a drop in your AdSense earnings after making your site responsive. AdSense ads don’t really give much chance to engage with your site or your brand or your other products or services. So it’s a link away from your site and also implies less editorial control because those ads they show could be from anybody, it could be from your competitors.
Also, AdSense can slow the load time of your site as it is JavaScript based. Every time the page loads it takes a little bit longer because it has to call up the content to the user’s browser. That’s not really a long load time but if load time is very important to you, that can slow you down as opposed to simple graphic ads by Affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing


In affiliate marketing, you pick a specific product and you go out and endorse it basically. You can just add your ads the same way you do with Google ads and hope somebody clicks but the real opportunity with affiliate marketing is you can actually build a business. You have a lot of editorial control different than the pay-per-click stuff that’s automatically generated. You go out and you research some at some ads from companies you really like products and services that you really enjoy.
The other thing you can do with affiliate marketing is you can develop an expertise in a certain area and that can actually create an SEO value to your site as well because you’re creating recurring content around the same topic in the same fashion.


Affiliate ads take more investment, time and research than the pay per click ads do. You must spend time writing promotional material, generating e-mailing lists and seeking out new products to sell. You also have to be careful with disclosures in affiliate marketing. This started a couple of years ago at least in the United States, the federal trade commission started to mandate that all affiliate ads should be disclosed so that people know what you are recommending.


So we have a quantity versus quality balance. If you have a high traffic site, it’s important to mix up the ads so that users see new things all the time. There is a term in the industry called Ad blindness which means if the same affiliate ad sits month after month, people are less likely to click on the ad. If you use pay per click ads that are reloaded with new ads every time from AdSense, people are more likely to click on them. So basically your choice depends on your audience, a mix of both affiliate and AdSense ads can be good.

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