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Sunday, 31 January 2016


Only a few blog owners can say that blogging generates a significant part of their income while others can’t make it work for them. Why is it that some newbie bloggers are unlikely to ever see a single cent of income generated, no matter how much time they spend writing articles or promoting products online? Every blog is broken in some way, and once you appreciate this, you can start to realize some of the issues that are holding your own blog back.

Is Blogging easy?

There is a common misconception that blogging is pretty easy because there are some parts of the blogging process that are pretty simple for anyone to understand and do. The reality is that successful bloggers have been slogging away at making money online for years before they saw anything like success. After years of toiling, they are now able to shout about and make that sort of money in short spaces of time, but they don’t always tell you about the years they have spent trying different methods and failing.
You need to understand that there are things that you need help to do in order to be successful. You should be able to invest in your blogging career in the right places and in many cases you’ll actually pick these things up far more quickly.

Are you blogging frequently?

The actual frequency in which people choose to blog, and often people fall into the trap of not blogging often enough. Their blogs become these ghost town areas that just sit on their website and look out of place.
Ensuring you have quality content that is regularly added to your blog comes down to taking the time to do some planning. By spending a little bit of time each week thinking about what topics you can write about you are more likely to continue adding content to your blog in the future.

Did you choose your niche?

Most newbies do is start to tackle the ‘content’ issue. A blog without good content is pretty much useless and it’s unlikely that you will get any visitors. People just write about a range of topics meaning there is not necessarily a theme to what they are sharing.
If you have taken steps to ensure you are ‘working’ on your blog then the key to avoiding your blog turning into an incoherent mess is to spend some time planning the topics you are going to write about and in turn, organizing your site to accommodate different content in a simple to navigate manner.

What are other bloggers doing?

Many new bloggers expect that just by adding some content to their site over a short period of time they are going to get a rush of hungry buyers showing up prepared to spend their money on the product offers or affiliates promos scattered across the blog, however in most cases the exact opposite happens. Newbie blogger spends all their waking hours creating new articles, adding pictures and videos and carefully promoting a few quality products only to discover that for all the time that they were doing that their number of visitors has barely moved.
Take a look at the best bloggers in your niche and sign up for forums that focus on relevant topics and ask questions, you’ll get a range of results meaning you can figure out which way works the best for you by trying them yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask someone how they make things work on their site if you’ve seen a feature that you think would be helpful to your visitors or if they have something working that you have struggled to implement.

Does your blog create value?

One thing many people don’t consider is that although they may be getting visitors to their site those people may not be getting any value from your content. It can be easy to stack a site full of product reviews and product related content thinking that this will make your sales, but the reality is if your visitors don’t feel they are getting any value from your site they won’t stick around or take your word about any offers you do make.
So how can you determine what type of information people will like to use and tell others about while still ensuring you can get a good promotion? One of the best ways to do this is to check out what other blogs are talking about and how many people are commenting on the posts. You will find that in many cases when you find an interesting article that helps you to solve a problem many other people will comment on the article agreeing with you.


Ask yourself to discover whether or not you are making mistakes and if you are how you can quickly make simple changes in the way you work to avoid them and start seeing blogging profits, after all, it’s not just about working hard, it’s about doing the right work, and doing it well that will ensure you succeed.

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