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Saturday, 30 January 2016

5 Popular and Trusted Way to Make Money Online

 you may have heard that about make money online from newspaper, blog, television etc. You may know that it's possible to make money online but you don't know how to earn money from online. So today's post for you.
It's not possible for me, to teach you how to earn from internet by this post. But in this post I've tried to give an idea about how to make money online

5 way to make money online

There are a thousand of ways to make lot of money from online. Today I will discuss with you 5 Popular and Trusted Way To Make Money Online

PTC means paid to click. You can earn money easily form PTC sites by viewing various add. This is the one of easy way to earn dollar from internet. This is the ways you need to be careful, because of there are a thousand of PTC site in internet. Maximum sites are scam, it's so difficult to find out trusted PTC site. From my experience, I've found a trusted PTC site. If you want to start earn online from PTC site, view this below post

I've remembered that I start earning online from PTC site. 

2. Freelancing
Freelancing is also a grate way to make money online. You can able to make lot's of money from freelancing. Freelancing means, you doing the work which is given the buyer. After complete a task successfully, then the buyer gives your payment. There are some popular freelancing marketplaces in internet. These market place helps to meet buyer and worker. To start freelancing you need to good at some of work like as 
    If you're a new in Freelancing, then I will suggest you start freelancing in minijobz.com. This is a micro freelancing site, you will get money by doing simple work. Like data entry, download & install, sign up etc. 

3. Blogging
Blogging is most honorable and also difficult ways to make huge money. You can make money from various way from Blogging. There are a thousand of guy, who build a good career in Blogging. And also make a thousand of money from Blogging.
If you want to start blogging, you need to get complete knowledge  of a topic. Suppose you're good at graphic designing, and you have enough knowledge of graphic designs. So you can able to start Blogging about graphics designing tips and tricks.

4. Affiliate Marketing 
The process which is helps to promote a product and services is known as marketing. In affiliate marketing you will help company and other organization to selling their product. Suppose you are a blogger and you write about health and beauty related tips. So you are able to start Affiliate marketing. For example: amazon is the best e- commerce website all over the world. When you write a post about " remove acne tips ", then you will suggest an amazon product. So if your reader buy a product by using your link, you will get commission from amazon. There are also a thousand of websites in internet, which offers affiliate marketing. Like clickbank.com amazon.com etc. 

5. Email Marketing 
There are no need to discuss about email marketing. Because email marketing as like an affiliate marketing. 

Hopefully all of you especially the newer get an idea about ways to make money online. 

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