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Saturday, 30 January 2016

10 Best SMO Sites List to Increase Backlinks

SMO Sites List
You have known about SEO. But wondered what is SMO?.Well !! As a newbie, it is a difficult task to know about them. In a nutshell, SEO means Search engine optimization or SMO means social media optimization. If you want to proper optimized your blog, you need to do social media optimization along with SEO. Because, they are related to each other. Today I will be going to share with you top 10 SMO site lists and how to use them for increasing backlinks as well as gain huge traffics from them.

 Top 10 SMO site list to get backlinks

1. Facebook - As you know Facebook is a world no-1 social media sites it's gain million of page view per month. It is a great way to use it properly and drive traffics from it. How?

Well ! Create a fan page about your blog or website and write a brave description of your services. After that, try to increase page follower and started to sharing your blog post.
If possible create a Facebook group related to your blog niche and started to sharing and help other member. This is a great SMO which can give you thousand of visit as well as make your blog more popular.

2. Twiiter - Twitter is known as a micro blogging platform. Here you can able to create a profile and insert your blog URL. Try to increase your followers by following others. After that share your every blog post after published an article.

Twitter is a great media that every marketer used for making their website popular. So try to keep active on this site.

3. Google Plus : Google + Is an awesome social media platform that marketer started to use. In there, you can able to create a profile as well as a fan page. Try to create both of them and update the information with your blog details and gain traffics.

4. Digg : It is not a social media like Facebook or Twitter it is a social bookmarking website. Here one can able to bookmark their web page so that they read it later.

So it is a great way for social media optimization. Create an account on this site and bookmark your most popular blog content. It will not give you only traffics also give you a valuable backlinks.

5. YouTube: It is the most popular video sharing site over the world.
Create a channel on YouTube and create some amazing video related to your blog post and share it on there. After that, you will get lots of traffics from them. You can also make a decent amount of money from them.

6. StumbleUpon - It is a popular social bookmarking website as like Digg.

7. Traffup.net : It is great SMO sites offers to exchange traffics. Create an account on it and earn point and drive traffics from theme.

8. HubPage: It is a great site where on can able to share an article which they love. Create some content and share it on HubPages it will give you huge traffics also high quality backlinks.
You can also able to ask question to others and give answer to other question. Try to active on hubpage and gain traffics.
9. Linkedin: This is a most popular bio-graphical website, where you can able to share your experience, portfolio etc. Add your blog link and gain backlinks.

10. Riddit: It is a SMO site as like Digg.

Final Word:
The way to search engine optimization has changed from last couple of years. Now search engines has started to giving priority those websiteS which has a strongly social media presence.
Hopefully the above SMO sites list will help you to increase your blogs social media presence also gets huge traffics.
There has tons of social media sites but to be honest, it is not possible to stay active on these all sites. You don't need to active all the sites, but make sure that you're stay active on the above top 10 SMO sites. Because these sites is most popular and recommended for any blogger.

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